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WestCoast Telebelts Ltd., formerly Marshall Brothers & Company, started the telebelt division in British Columbia in 2015 as one of the first telebelt companies to enter B.C. 

WCT serves the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and all its surrounding areas. Jim Smith has over two-and-a-half decades of construction background, managing construction projects and operating telebelts. Jim and his team always put safety as their #1 priority when operating the belts and will go the extra mile on all WCT projects to ensure each customer walks away more than satisfied.  His knowledge of construction and telebelt operations has successfully introduced these telebelts to the construction world of British Columbia.

WestCoast Telebelts has a reputation for providing the highest possible levels of safety and quality. 

We consistently exceed clients’ expectations with our effective and efficient delivery of services. Safe, and versatile our telebelts are ideal for any application. Our team is up for any challenge; our job is to save you time and labour. There is no such thing as a perfect worksite. Crowded, low clearance, limited access or rough, muddy terrain, we are here to help.

excellence in SAFETY | Environmentally Conscious | versatile


WestCoast Telebelts strives for
excellence in safety in the workforce. 

Safety is an integral part of the job. The telebelt’s unique 360-degree conveying system allows the operator maximum visibility, protecting on-site assets and personnel. The telebelt facilitates safe access to areas other conventional equipment cannot access. Low-pressure output eliminates the dangers of a plugged pump. The telebelt reaches high volume outputs and efficiencies without compromising a safe work environment. WCT goes above and beyond regulation standards to ensure safety on the worksite and at home.

WCT has preventative maintenance programs that exceed the manufacturer’s requirements. 

This program is managed by our operators daily to ensure our equipment is kept in top-notch shape. Hazard assessments are a proven tool in construction; our operators fill out hazard assessments on every project, big or small. Equipment operation and maintenance practices and procedures are everyday activities with WestCoast Telebelts.

Environmentally Conscious

WestCoast Telebelts takes pride in keeping our communities beautiful and protecting the natural elements that British Columbia is known for; we recognize our responsibility to safeguard the environment. 

The telebelt eliminates job site waste and eliminates the need for vehicle and equipment traffic to the point of placement, thus mitigating congestion and traffic hazards. No messy washout with the added value of concrete savings with no priming required. The telebelt is great for environmental applications as it prevents damage by conveying over protected areas instead of tracking through them.

Better environment, better tomorrow!